MADE in USA caulking guns

My decades-old caulking gun went missing and I need a new one. In my quest to support American jobs, I want one made in USA and “built to last” — no junk that will break and end up in a landfill. In my research I found only one brand that is actually made in the USA. Really? My list below is incomplete and surely contains mistakes, but is what I have found as of July 2016:

USA Products:
Cox caulking guns: (Michigan, USA; some made in UK) (GREAT REVIEWS)

IMPORTED – I saw some decent reviews on these:
Tajima: Japan (at least some models are made in Japan)
Newborn: China
Albion Engineering: Taiwan

Dripless: China
Kobalt (Lowes brand): China
HDX (Home Depot brand): China
PC (Protective Coatings) Products Co: Taiwan
Milwaukee (powered):  China
TBD: 3M, Tekton, Mintcraft, Silverline, Red Devil, Markson.