Made in USA fencing

We needed fencing around our garden, something with small spacing (at most 1 inch) to keep out rabbits and tall enough to keep out deer. Almost all hardware cloth and welded wire is now imported. Reviews online say many of these imports (despite being galvanized) quickly rust (some while still in packaging), have shoddy welds, and inconsistent spacing. They need to be replaced in a few years and end up in a landfill. Buyer beware. Most of the suppliers made it VERY difficult to find the country of origin. A Grip-Rite rep on the phone would not disclose where it was made and repeated, “we are a local, USA company” (the package says, “made in China”). If interested in what I found, see the list below. My list does not cover all makers,nor all products, and may have mistakes. I bought RedBrand. From what I could tell:

RedBrand (Keystone):  Made in Illinois. Buy at or some retailers
Riverdale: Made in Mass. Hard to find at retail, but can order directly
OK Brand: Oklahoma. But, they did not have the size I needed.

Amagabeli:  Hong Kong
G&B (Gilbert & Bennett): China
Grip-rite: China
Jackson Wire: China
MAT (Midwest Air Tech):  China
Origin Point:  China
Yard Guard: China